Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center

Afa the Wild Samoan

Afa "The Wild Samoan" Anoa'i was born and raised in the Island of Samoa, before moving with his family to San Francisco, Ca. Afa joined the Marines when he was only 17 years old and proudly served our country. After returning to the states and as a civilian, Afa began his professional wrestling career in the early 1970s. With the knowledge help of the late High Chief Peter Maivia and Rocky Johnson, Afa began his training.

After a short set of lessons, Afa and a friend, Ricky Thompson took a drive to Arizona where Ricky had a tryout with a wrestling promotion.

Afa, who was there for moral support, was hired because of his excellent physical appearance. Shortly after, Afa sent for his brother Sika, trained him and together they formed "The Wild Samoans", the most extreme tag-team to grace the 1980's.

The Wild Samoans traveled the globe and held 21 tag-team titles including the WWE tag-team straps three times. The Samoans wrestled in every state and country throughout their 30 years in the sport.

Wrestling became a family business and Afa and Sika trained their family members and opened the door into pro wrestling for sons and nephews: "Samu", "TKPA", The late "Yokozuna", "Rikishi", Rosie, Jamal, "The Rock", "LA Smooth", "Reno The Black Pearl" and "Afa Jr The Samoan Storm".

Along with his wrestling career, Afa is a member of the Screen Actors Guild and has appeared in many movies, commercials, music videos, and TV shows. Afa managed his son and nephew in the WWE in the 1990's when the team was called "The Headshrinkers".

After hanging up the wrestling trunks, Afa open the Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center. Currently he can be found in the Eastern Pennsylvania area training young hopefuls to live the dream of pro wrestling. WWE owner, Mr. Vince McMahon, sanctions the WSTC and many of the students who were trained by Afa have been found in the WWE talent Roster.

Along with his wrestling school, Afa owns Top Rope Productions, Inc the parent company of World X-Treme Wrestling WXW. WXW's weekly TV show- Rage TV- can be seen in Central Florida on Bright House Cable channel 49 at 11:30 a.m. every Saturday. Afa is able to offer his students and WXW wrestlers the chance to shine as the stars of tomorrow. WXW C4, the sister-company in Pennsylvania operated by Afa's son Headshrinker Samu, airs a TV show as well, which can been seen in Eastern PA and NJ, on Blue Ridge Cable Channel 13 and on Service Electric Cable Super 2.

Afa is the director of Usos Foundation, Inc. A non-profit foundation that he formed to help give kids the chance to learn many skills for future careers while teaching them reading and writing through the love of wrestling. For more information on Usos, visit our web site: www.usosfoundation.org

Afa is also involved with many charities including: Special Olympics, DARE, Pal, St. Jude's Children's Hospital, Dream come True, One Wish, Friends of the disabled and several others. Afa and Sika are members of the Cauliflower Alley Club and have received the Key to many cities for their charity work.

Professional wrestling and stardom did not change The Wild Samoan. Afa is still the same warm, loving man that proudly carries the customs of his Samoan heritage. He is called the Godfather of professional wrestling, and was given the name "POPS" by (the boys) wrestler's throughout the wrestling world. Afa has helped many people to live their dream and is also called "The Dream Maker" by his students and is respected and love.


  • Uncle:
    • The late High Chief "Peter Maivia"
  • Brothers:
    • bullet Sika (My other brother & tag team partner)
  • My sons:
    • Samu (AKA Wild Samoan # 3, Great Samu)
    • L.A. Smooth (member of the Samoan Gangstas)
    • Afa Jr. "The Samoan Storm"
  • Nephews:
    • The Late Yokozuna
    • Rikishi Phatu
    • Rosey
    • TKPA
    • "The Rock" Rocky Maivia
    • Jamal
    • Reno The Black Pearl
    • Toa Maivia
  • Other Relatives:
    • Rocky Johnson
    • Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka
    • David "Terminator" Tua
    • Joe Onosa'i (Strong Man Contest competitor)
    • Afa's son-in-law the late Gary "Air" Albright


  • Fishing
  • Weightlifting
  • Swimming
  • Taking long drives with my family
  • Camping
  • All out door activities


  • All
  • Most favorite is Island music.


  • bullet My Parents

Toughest match:

  • The Late Andre The Giant
  • "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka (at Madison Square Garden, NY)

Favorite foods:

  • B.B.Q.
  • Sushi
  • All raw fish

Favorite single wrestler:

  • Superfly Jimmy Snuka

Favorite Tag team:

  • Pat Patterson & The Late Ray "The Crippler" Stevens

Favorite sport (besides wrestling):

  • Foot Ball
  • Favorite Team : 49ers
  • Runners up:
  • Baseball: Giants
  • Basketball: Bulls
  • Watching Golf.

What inspired Afa to become a pro wrestler?

  • Growing up around "High Chief" Peter Maivia and having a love for the sport (being too big to do anything else!). Samoans are true athletes and Peter wanted someone to hand down the torch to and he choose me.

Who trained Afa?

  • Uncle Peter Maivia, along with my good friend Ricky Thompson & Rocky Johnson.

Who trained Sika ?

  • I trained my brother.

Why did I open The Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center?

To give something back. I was blessed to have the proper training and that is why I believe that my brother and I were so successful as "The Wild Samoans".

I trained my kids the same way, and again their careers speak for themselves. I wanted to give the young upcoming stars of tomorrow the chance to have a place to train where they can get the correct training (all the way around and to learn the ins and outs of the business) & to respect this great sport. I feel that if I can touch just one life and make a difference, its all worth it.

My other main goal is to keep kids off the street and away from drugs and crime. I try to get them in to my school at 18 years old, so that they can focus on training, exercise and good health.